3-Way SERVO Vacuum Valve

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Servo-controlled 3-way vacuum valves

These 2-position, 3-way valves feature pneumatically activated conical shutters.
They can be used normally either closed or open.

They are recommended in all the cases that require a quick exchange between the vacuum pump suction and the air inlet into the circuit for a quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure.

They are composed of an anodised aluminium body, two vulkollan® shutters assembled onto a stainless steel stem, a membrane for servo-control made with special compounds and a thrust spring for the shutter return.

These valves allow reducing frictions and internal dynamic stresses to the minimum. The result being a high response speed and a guarantee of long lasting duration.

Technical features
Working pressure: from 0.5 to 3000 mbar abs.
Servo-control pressure: see table
Temperature of the sucked fluid: from -5 to +60 °C
PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: 070131 070231 070331 070431 070531 070631 070831 070931

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