Accessories for Single Stage Vacuum Generators

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Accessories for single-stage vacuum generators - shutter valves

The function of these solenoid valves is to intercept the compressed air supply to the vacuum generators. Interception through an original coaxial shutter allows the supply of large quantities of air, thus ensuring greater gripping speed of the vacuum cups.

They are composed of an anodised aluminium body with an integrated coaxial shutter, pneumatically operated by a micro solenoid valve with low absorption electric coil, capable of managing operating pressures between 1.5 and 7 bar.

They can be controlled via vacuum switches or simple electrical switches.

Accessories for single-stage vacuum generators - Pneumatic sleeve valve

This particular sleeve valve has been constructed to ensure a faster restoration of the atmospheric pressure inside the vacuum cups when the load is disconnected.
When it is pneumatically operated at the end of the cycle, it closes the generator discharge connection, conveying the supply air in the connection of use. In this way, the vacuum cups are immediately detached. It is suitable for generators with capacities not exceeding 15 mc/h and designed especially for series MSVE.
It is made of anodised aluminium, with an integrated silicone sleeve membrane.

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