ATS Vacuum Test Rig

ATS Vacuum Test Rig

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Electrical equipment for vacuum tests

These devices have been created for testing the Seams, weldings and, therefore, the sealing of cellophane or PVC wrappings for food products.

In fact, the wrapping placed inside a bell jar tends to inflate because of the pressure differential created between the air at atmospheric pressure contained inside and the vacuum created inside the bell jar.

The higher the level of vacuum reached in the bell jar and the greater the thrust that the air contained in the wrapping will exert on the walls and, therefore, on the seam or joint.

The devices for vacuum tests are composed of:
- A mobile transparent Plexiglass bell jar.
- A support surface with seal.
- A dry rotating vane vacuum pump.
- Two 2-way manual valves for vacuum interception.
- A vacuum gauge for a direct reading of the level of vacuum and the atmospheric air in the bell jar at the end of the cycle.
- A switchgear enclosed in a special protective casing with a digital vacuum switch to adjust the level of vacuum in the bell jar.
- A bent sheet steel frame with anti-vibration feet for assembling all the components described above.

The level of vacuum that can be reached inside the bell jar depends on the pump installed.

The test values are adjustable and can be automatically repeated.
Available in other versions upon request.
Product codes: ATS05 ATS20

Technical PDF Data Sheet