Bellows Vacuum Cups With Vulcanised Support

Bellows Vacuum Cups With Vulcanised Support

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The main feature of these bellows cups is that they quickly crumple up during the grip, thus lifting the load for a few centimetres, independently of the movements of the lifting frame; this quick movement avoids that the load beneath, remains stuck to the lifted one.

Due to this feature, they are particularly suited for handling thin metal sheets, glass sheets, chipboard or compressed wood panels, laminated plastic etc.
Thanks to their great flexibility, they can also be used to compensate flatness errors or for gripping on inclined surfaces.

These bellows cups are vulcanised onto a galvanised steel support or aluminium support and are provided with a central threaded hole for its fastening to the automatism and with a side threaded hole for vacuum connection or vacuum degree detection.

Compounds: A - Oil Resistant Rubber  N - Natural Para Rubber  S - Silicone

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