Bernouli Vacuum Cups

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Bernoulli’s theorem explains many phenomena, such as the lifting of a plane’s wing or of a light disc in front of a tube end from which air flows out quickly.
This apparently paradoxical phenomenon is exploited for manufacturing vacuum gripping systems (vacuum cups) and handling, with no contact, fragile objects, such as semiconductor plates, silica discs, solar cells, precious metal foils, films and whatever needs to be handled with the greatest care.

Our cups based on Bernoulli’s principle are made with anodised aluminium, with stainless steel centre thrust disc.

The antistatic silicone spacers, located on the cup gripping plane, prevent transverse movements of the gripped object.

The compressed air supply connections can be axial and radial and the quick coupler for the flexible pipe is included in the package.
The unused holes are closed with brass threaded caps.

On the rear part of the cup there are 3 or 4 threaded holes for fitting it to the automation.

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