CX - Vacuum Jet Flow generators

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Flow generators vacuum jet CX 7, CX 10, CX13, CX19, CX25, CX38, CX50

Working principle
The compressed air supply blown into a ring chamber concentric to the device, flows at a very high speed towards the centre of the main pipe, thus forming a cyclonic effect.

The latter creates a vacuum inside the device and leads a great volume of air towards its outlet.

Therefore, a variation of the air supply pressure will modify the level of vacuum and the amount of sucked air.

The special shape of the flow generators and their straight-flow working principle allow for the suctioning and handling of various nature products without interference.

Vacuum Jets are in fact suitable for the handling of powders, granulated products, sawdust, corn, metal chips, liquid or dry food products, etc., or for extracting fumes, coolant mists, water or oil condensation, etc.

The absence of moving parts allows them to be used continuously, without developing heat.

They do not require electricity; therefore, they can be used in work environments with hazardous environments where an ignition source would be dangerous.
Available in anodised aluminium and stainless steel.

Thanks to all these features, a good filtration of the compressed air supply will be sufficient to make these devices fully maintenance-free.

PDF Data Sheet for CX7 CX10 
PDF Data Sheet for CX13 CX19
PDF Data Sheet for CX38 CX50

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