FB In-Line Vacuum Filter

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FB suction filter with metal cartridge

Preventing impurities from reaching the vacuum pump is fundamental to guarantee the correct operation and long duration.

This range of filters, to be placed on the vacuum pump suction inlet or on the plant pipeline, has been designed for this purpose. Their simple and rational structure features threaded connections for the installation and a lid, very easy to open, to allow easily cleaning the filtering cartridge.

The lids are made with die-cast aluminium, as are the containers, except for the models FB 5,FB 10 e FB 20 which are in transparent plastic material (cellulose acetate), particularly resistant to shocks.

The standard filtering cartridges are in profiled stainless steel mesh, with a filtering degree equal to 60 μ. Upon request, they can be supplied with a filtering degree equal to 100 or 300 μ.

The flow rate of these filters ranges from 5 to 300 m3/h.

Technical features
Operating pressure: from 0.5 to 3000 absolute mbar
Fluid temperature:
from -20 to +90°C for filters with aluminium container,
from -20 to +50°C for filters with containers in transparent plastic material
Level of filtration: 60 μ
Product codes: FB5 FB10 FB20 FB20A FB28 FB30 FB40 FB50 FB60

Product Data Sheet FB Filters

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