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FC suction filters with paper cartridge

These filters have been designed to allow vacuum pumps to operate even in very dusty environments. Installed onto the pump suction inlet, they are able to retain fine and impalpable dust interfering with the flow rate in a negligible manner.

The filtering cartridge is made with a special treated paper with a filtering degree equal to 5 - 7 μ, which is pleated to increase its surface and is contained in a double perforated sheet steel enclosure. The filtering cartridge container as well as the lid are made with sheet steel and varnished with a special anti-oxidation paint.

A seal located between the lid and the container guarantees a perfect vacuum seal between the two elements. The release clamps applied onto the container allow a quick opening of the lid for the filtering cartridge inspection or replacement.
Due to the paper filtering element, these filters are not recommended in presence of water or oil vapours or condensations.

Technical features
Operating pressure: from 0.5 to 2000 absolute mbar
Fluid temperature: from -20 to +60 °C
Level of filtration: 5 - 7 μ
Product codes: FC10 FC20 FC25 FC30 FC35 FC38 FC55 FC40 FC50 FC60 FC80 FC100

FC Filter Data Sheet

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