GA FS Venturi Pump System

GA FS Venturi Pump System

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Suction units with syphon filter GA FS 20 ES - GA FS 30 ES

These suction units with syphon filters share the same features and functions as the previous ones; their distinctive features are their size and the type of generator installed.

Their functions are also the same.

These devices are composed of:
- A standard syphon filter described in Chapter 5.
- A compressed air-operated multi-stage vacuum generator with a built-in energy-saving system ES. - A vacuum gauge for a direct reading of the level of vacuum in the container.
- A shut off valve to intercept compressed air.

The level of vacuum, pre-set with the vacuum switch, is automatically maintained in the Plexiglass container.

These suction units with syphon filter are also suited for vacuum cup clamping systems for gripping glass, marble, granite, light alloys and in all those cases with a considerable presence of refrigerating liquids.

They are also recommended for suctioning creamy or muddy substances which can be difficult to handle with traditional pumps.

These suction assemblies are fed by compressed air at a pressure of 4-6 bar only.

Technical features
Operating pressure: from 0.5 to 1000 absolute mbar
Fluid temperature: from -5 to +50°C
Level of filtration: 60 μ

Technical PDF Data Sheet

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