GAS FS Dual Venturi Pump Systems

GAS FS Dual Venturi Pump Systems

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Safety suction units with syphon filter

These units have the same functions as the standard "GA FS" units, but they differ in their automation and composition with a Duty/Standby Pump Option

In fact, these devices are composed of:

- A standard syphon filter described in Chapter 5.
- Two compressed air-operated multi-stage vacuum generators with a built-in energy-saving system ES.

- A vacuum gauge for a direct reading of the level of vacuum in the container.
- Two sleeve valves for compressed air interception.

These safety suction units normally provide for the operation of one vacuum generator with subsequent automatic insertion of the other one for higher consumptions and when, for whatever reason, the plant level of vacuum goes below the pre-set minimum value.

All this also guarantees continuous operation even in presence of a vacuum generator breakdown.

The level of vacuum, pre-set with the vacuum switch, is automatically maintained in the Plexiglass container. These suction units with syphon filter are suited for vacuum cup clamping systems for gripping glass, marble, granite, light alloys and in all those cases with a considerable presence of refrigerating liquids and an effective need to ensure the presence of vacuum throughout the entire production cycle.

They are also recommended for suctioning creamy or muddy substances which can be difficult to handle with traditional pumps.

These suction assemblies are fed by compressed air at a pressure of 4-6 bar only. Available in other versions upon request.

Technical features
Operating pressure: from 0.5 to 1000 absolute mbar
Fluid temperature: from -5 to +50°C
Level of filtration: 60 μ
Product codes: GASFS20ES GASFS25ES GASFS30ES

Technical PDF Data Sheet