Maxigrip Vacuum Cups

Maxigrip Vacuum Cups

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These vacuum cups have been created as an alternative to the ordinary cups used in the robot-automotive field. They offer an excellent solution to gripping and handling problems that could arise on vacuum-driven handlers in every industry sector. They can be both round and oval, flat and bellows-type, and equipped with support.

The extremely flexible outside lip, which can be associated with the typical features of the bellows cups, helps them adapt on flat, concave and convex surfaces with no risk of deforming or breaking even the thinnest objects to be handled.

The innovative design of the inside of the cups, which facilitates the drainage of oil and water, ensures a high friction coefficient with the gripping surface and, in particular, a unique grip on oil-covered metal sheets or wet glass or marble sheets. This particular feature guarantees a firm grip and, therefore, accurate placement of the load to be handled.

MAXIGRIP standard vacuum cups are made with our exclusive BENZ compound: - Hardness 60-75°Sh.

- Working temperature between -40 and +170°C - Stain-resistant - Excellent resistance to abrasion, water and to oils containing chlorine. Their aluminium support is vulcanised onto the cup.

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