QRC - RR Quick Release Vacuum Couplings

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Rotating quick coupling fittings

Quick coupling fittings are composed of a jack with hose end connector and a threaded male coupler which connects itself to the jack.

They are fixed by a ball ring pushed by a spring. A nitrile rubber seal guarantees a perfect vacuum seal

The structure of this type of fitting allows the two components to rotate freely at a low speed and to rapidly couple and disconnect by manually acting on the jack ring nut. These fittings are fully made with brass and are available in various sizes.

The two components of the fittings are quick coupling and are not self-retaining.

These fittings are made entirely of brass and are available in various sizes.
PDF Data sheet for Product codes: RR3/8 RR1/2 RR3/4 RR1 RR11/4 RR11/2 RRF3/8 RRF1/2 RRF3/4 RRF1 RRFF3/8 RRFF1/2 RRFF3/4 RRFF1