RM & RF Vacuum Tube Fittings

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Fittings and caps

The fittings described on this page are particularly suitable for connecting vacuum cup holders to their manifolds and in all those cases that require a connection to vacuum sources via smooth flexible hoses with internal diameters of 4, 6 and 9 mm, which is the maximum allowed for a vacuum hose with no internal reinforcement.

These are semi-rapid fittings. The hose is fixed by manually screwing the bush with no need for keys.

The threaded connections are male or female, according to the requirements. The range is completed by L and T-type fittings and caps with O-rings.

The fittings are a available in practical 10 or 50-piece packages and are supplied with their nylon seal.

PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: RMM5 RM1/8 RM1/4 RM3/8 RF1/8 RF1/4 RF3/8 RLM5 RL1/8 RL1/4 RL3/8 RTM5 RT1/8 RT1/4 RT3/8 0015291 001144 001106 001833 0015273