RVP Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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Lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, RVP series

The pumps in this new series are single-stage, rotary vane and with oil-bath lubrication with recycling. The implementation of cutting edge construction techniques and the use of hi-tech, latest generation materials has allowed for the achievement of high standards of quality, performance, duration and low cost of use. The resulting technical features include:

- High pumping speed in the field of absolute pressure between 850 and 0.5 mbar
- Extremely low noise output
- Low operating temperatures
- No pollution
- Low maintenance

The pumps are driven by an electric motor, coupled by means of an elastic transmission joint (not including RVP 15), in compliance with IEC International Standard 60034 requirements for rotating machines and European Directives for Low Voltage (LV) 2006/95/EC, for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) 2004/108/EC, for the limitation of use of hazardous substances RoHS 2011/65/CE and Machine Directive 2006/42/EC for CE marking.

With the exception of electric motors with power lower than 0.75 KW, the efficiency class corresponds to IE3 = Premium Efficiency, with protection degree IP 55, Tolerance of nominal Voltage ± 10% and Class of Insulation F.

A centrifuge fan fitted on the pump shaft ensures a suitable air flow for optimal pump body and radiator cooling (forced surface cooling).

A capacious oil recovery tank located on the pump outlet and equipped with microfibre de-oiling cartridges has the function of smoke filtering system and silencer. A special built-in ball cock valve allows for the recovery of oil retained by cartridges.

The oil filter, except mod. RVP 15 and 21 pumps, are installed as standard on all.

The oil contained in the system lubricates, cools and seals rotating and fixed pump parts. The check valve on the suction line is an integral part of the pump and is standard while a filter suitable for trapping any suctioned impurities can be supplied upon request.

All pumps except mod. RVP 15 and RVP 21, are supplied standard with a gas ballast valve, which permits high water vapour compatibility. Instead, for mod. RVP 21, the ballast valve can only be installed upon request.

The above described product devices combined with strong, compact construction make RVP series vacuum pumps especially suitable for continuous and heavy-duty use.

Click on required PDF Data Sheet for Pump Models: RVP15, RVP21, RVP40, RVP60, RVP100, RVP160 / RVP200, RVP250 / RVP300

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