Single Stage Vacuum Generator 15 01 10 & 15 01 15

Single Stage Vacuum Generator 15 01 10 & 15 01 15

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Single-stage vacuum generator 15 01 10, 15 01 10 LP and 15 01 15 LP

Single-stage vacuum generator operation is based on the Venturi principle.

Supplying the generator with compressed air in P, vacuum will be generated at connection U, while both the supply and the sucked air will be released through R.

By interrupting the air supply in P, the vacuum effect in U will also stop. The optimal air supply pressure is normally 6 bar, but for generators with the letters LP in their item, a pressure lower than 4 bar is sufficient to obtain the best performance.

Upon request, the vacuum generators can be supplied with a high sound suppression silencer installed on the R exhaust connection.

The single-stage vacuum generators are generally used to control vacuum cups, for gripping and handling non-porous objects and equipment with low flow rate requirements.
They are fully made with anodised aluminium, with brass or aluminium ejectors, depending on the items.
Product Data Sheet for Product codes: 150110 150110LP 150115LP