Small Vacuum Suction Pumps PA3/PA7

Small Vacuum Suction Pumps PA3/PA7

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Small pneumatic suction pumps PA

The assembly of a pressure adjuster equipped with pressure gauge and of an FCL filter on the suction inlet connection of a vacuum generator of the M .. SSX range has allowed creating these small pneumatic suction pumps.

Their main features include reduced overall dimensions compared to their technical performance.

The level of vacuum and flow rate can be adjusted according to the supply air pressure.
These pumps are powered with compressed air with a pressure ranging from 1 to 5 bar and they can produce a maximum vacuum of 85% and a suction flow rate between 2 and 18 m3/h, measured at a normal atmospheric pressure of 1013 mbar.

Based on the Venturi principle, they do not develop heat.
An SSX silencer screwed onto the pump exhaust ensures a silent operation. The filter equipped with a microporous cartridge is located on the suction inlet connection and can keep the finest dust and impurities.

Thanks to their static operating principle, maintenance is reduced to only a simple regular cleaning of the filter.
Product codes: PA3 PA7

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