SSX Silencers

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Silencers SSX

The use of natural fibre sound absorbing material enclosed in special anodised aluminium casings has allowed creating this new range of silencers that considerably reduce noise made by air at the vacuum generator exhaust.

There are two versions with different lengths: the longer the length and the more will the noise be reduced.

Noise reduction: from -13 to -20 dB (A)
Working temperature: from -20 to +100 °C
Product codes: SSX1/8 SSX1/4 SSX3/8R SSX3/8 SSX1/2 SSX3/4R SSX3/4 SSX1 SSX11/2 SSX2 2SSX1/8 2SSX1/4 2SSX3/8 2SSX1/2 2SSX3/4 2SSX1