VTS FG Type DRY rotary vane vacuum pumps

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Dry vacuum pumps VTS 10/FG, 15/FG, 20/FG, 25/FG, 30/FG, 35/FG

These lubrication-free rotary vane vacuum pumps have a suction flow rate of 10, 15 and 20 m3/h. The particular shape of the working chamber and the special graphite, with which the locking flanges and vanes are made, allow these pumps to operate with no lubrication.

The pump rotor is cantilevered-fitted on the motor shaft and supported by independent bearings housed in the two pump flanges.

The pump and the electric motor are, therefore, two independent units and fixed onto a special support and connected to each other via an elastic transmission joint.

All this allows using standard electric motors, in the shapes and sizes indicated in the table. The pump is surface cooled. Heat is dispersed from the outer surface, suitably finned, by means of a radial fan placed between motor and pump.

A filter that functions as a silencer is installed on the suction inlet.
We strongly recommend installing a filter on the suction inlet against possible impurities. These pumps are not recommended when the fluid to be sucked contains water or oil vapours or condensations.

Also this range of pumps VTS10/FG, VTS15/FG, VTS20/FG & VTS24/FG can be supplied with single-phase electric motors.

Product codes: VTS10/FG VTS15/FG VTS20/FG VTS25/FG VTS30/FG VTS35/FG

Please select PDF Data Sheet for Vacuum Pump: VTS10/FG VTS15/FG VTS20/FG     VTS25/FG VTS30/FG VTS35/FG

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