Advanced Vacuum Control: VacuManager (VM Series)

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The VACUMANAGER VM series are comprehensive electro-pneumatic systems uniquely designed to control and manage single-stage and multi-stage vacuum generators. They are particularly geared towards industries requiring efficient, reliable, and dynamic control of vacuum generation.



VM Control Features:

  • A digital vacuum switch with a real-time display. This user-friendly interface provides instant feedback and allows for precise control, ensuring optimal operations for your vacuum system.
  •  A dedicated valve for supplying compressed air efficiently. This pivotal feature enables a constant and sufficient supply of compressed air to facilitate smooth operations.
  •  An integrated blow-off valve. As an essential safety measure, this valve effectively releases excess vacuum pressure to prevent catastrophic failures.
  •  A flow regulator for the blow-off valve. This unit allows users to adjust and monitor the rate of release, providing a significant control enhancement over the blow-off process.


This compact, yet robust, electro-pneumatic circuit consolidates all the necessary components required for the control of vacuum and blow-off creation into a single device. It is compatible with systems equipped with vacuum cups and powered by either single-stage or multi-stage pneumatic vacuum generators.

Enhancing power efficiency, the VM series, when used in combination with Vuototecnica's specially designed Energy Saving cables, makes a significant contribution to energy efficiency. This system minimises the consumption of compressed air by limiting its use strictly to the period necessary to empty the vacuum cups.

The ability to conserve energy is further amplified during vacuum cup handling tasks, especially when dealing with products that have excellent sealing qualities or those with micro-porosity like metal sheets, glass, wood panels, or plastic veneered panels. This feature is a significant monetary advantage, reducing operational costs over time while also contributing positively to environmental concerns.

In conclusion, for businesses looking for effective vacuum management for the Octopus gripping systems equipped with pneumatic vacuum generators and shut-off valves, the VM series comes highly recommended—vuototecnica understands your need for performance and efficiency, investing in VM units guarantees a remarkable upgrade in your operations.

PDF Data Sheet - VM Control Series

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