2 & 3-Way Vacuum Solenoid Pilot Valves

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2-Way & 3-Way vacuum solenoid pilot valves

****Coils and DIN Plus sold separately***

These direct-drive valves have been specially designed for vacuum and are normally closed.
They are composed of an anodised aluminium body, where the connections and the passage orifices are located, and of an actuator which is activated by an electric coil.
The solenoid pilot valve shutter in NBR nitrile rubber or Vulkollan®, is an integral part of the actuator mobile core.

Both the orifices of the 2-way solenoid pilot valves have the same size, while those of the 3-way ones have a 3mm outlet diameter, obtained through the tube. The very low reaction time allows carrying out a very high number of cycles per minute.

The standard electric coil is fully plasticised with synthetic resin, tight execution, insulation class F (up to 155 °C) compliant with VDE standards, with 6.3 mm 3-terminal electrical connections in compliance with EN 175301-803 (ex DIN 43650).
Protection degree IP 54; IP 65 for inserted connector.

Allowed tolerance on the voltage nominal value: ±10%.
Max. absorption: 20 V.A. with AC and 18 W with DC.
The electric coil can be rotated by 360°.
The connector can be rotated by 180° on the coil and can be supplied, upon request, with LED lights, anti-interference circuit and/or with protection devices against overvoltage and polarity reversal.

Technical features
Working pressure: from 1 to 1500 mbar abs.
Temperature of the sucked fluid: from -5 to +60 °C

PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: 070116 070216 070316

PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: 070120 070220 070320

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