50 - 80mm Special Bellows Cups WIth Supports

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These bellows cups crumple up when in contact with surface to be gripped and in presence of a vacuum, thus creating a quick lifting movement independently from the automation. This rapid movement prevents the load beneath from remaining stuck to the lifted one. Thanks to their great flexibility, they can also be used to compensate flatness errors or for gripping on inclined surfaces.

The cups shown on this page are the ideal solution for our customers; in fact, they have been designed for handling biscuits, stickers, crackers, sheets, labels, small metal and plastic objects, cardboard, paper and plastic bags, delicate products, chocolate and regular eggs, laminated plastic, etc.

Their nickel-plated brass or anodised aluminium supports are provided with a threaded male or female pin to enable suction and to fasten them to the automation.
These cups can be manually assembled onto their supports without any adhesives, simply by pressing them in.

Compounds: A - Oil Resistant Rubber  N - Natural Para Rubber  S - Silicone

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