ATP Vacuum Pack Test Rig

ATP Vacuum Pack Test Rig

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Equipment for vacuum tests

The function of these devices is to test the welding sealing in flow-pack, cellophane or food product wrappings.

They are composed of:
- A transparent Plexiglass cylindrical container into which the water is poured and the vacuum is created.
- A mobile transparent Plexiglass lid with, on its lower part, a perforated disc fixed via a pin which is for keeping the flow-pack wrapping submerged in the water, in the container and on its upper part, the instruments for managing and controlling the vacuum.
- A multiple ejector multi-stage vacuum generator.
- A check valve located on the generator suction inlet to prevent the air from returning into the container when the generator is not in operation.
- A sleeve valve for compressed air interception.
- A supply compressed air reducer equipped with pressure gauge.
- A 2-way manual valve for restoring the atmospheric pressure inside the container.

The wrapping submerged in the water in the container tends to inflate because of the pressure differential produced between the air at atmospheric pressure on its inside and the vacuum created in the container. The higher the level of vacuum reached in the bell jar and the greater the thrust that the air contained in the wrapping will exert on the walls and, therefore, on the welding/ seam.

Any air leak from the wrapping due to a defecting welding is proved by bubbles that indicate the exact point of the welding that’s leaking. The level of vacuum that can be reached inside the bell jar depends on the pump installed.

The test values are adjustable and can be automatically repeated.
Available in other versions upon request.

Technical features
Operating pressure: from 0.5 to 1000 absolute mbar
Fluid temperature: from -5 to +50°C
Level of filtration: 60 μ
Product code: ATP02 ATP03 ATP04

Technical PDF Data Sheet