Double Seal - Flat Round Vacuum Cups With Vulcanised Support

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These cups have been designed for lifting and handling heavy loads, both vertically and horizontally. They are vulcanised onto a steel support and are provided with a central threaded hole for its fastening to the automation and with a side threaded hole for vacuum connection.

These cups have a labyrinth graved face made with the same compound as the cup, which allows gripping even the thinnest and most fragile glass and marble sheets, with no bending in the gripping area. The shape of its lip and the choice of the compound with which they are made ensure a firm grip on uneven and corrugated surfaces.

The 08 .. 40 series, along with sharing the same features, has an internal vertical lip which allows them to grip extremely rough surfaces, such as embossed or profiled metal sheets, sawn marble or granite, wooden boards, precast cement, etc.