DR (Mobile) Vacuum De-Gassing Test Unit

DR (Mobile) Vacuum De-Gassing Test Unit

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Mobile system for resin vacuum infusion

This system has been designed for allowing resin vacuum infusion moulding and composite fibre vacuum forming.

The system is composed of:
- A welded sheet steel autoclave featuring a perfect vacuum seal, equipped with a transparent methacrylate lid that can be manually removed.
- An oil-bath rotating vane pump for high vacuum.
- A reducer for adjusting the required level of vacuum.
- A vacuum gauge, for a direct reading of the level of vacuum in the autoclave.
- A three-way manual valve for pump vacuum interception and for restoring the atmospheric pressure inside the autoclave.
- A two-way valve for vacuum interception at the application.
- Switchgear enclosed in a special casing.
- A profiled steel frame for assembling all the components mounted on wheels.
- A handle to move and place it.

Resin vacuum infusion moulding is carried out connecting the connector controlled by the two-way manual valve to the mould. The resin inside its container is sucked via the vacuum inside the mould, until it’s totally full. The resin in excess is collected in the autoclave.

The same connector can be connected to the vacuum press bag for forming composite fibres.

The installed vacuum pumps can reach a maximum level of vacuum of 99.5% inside the autoclave. Therefore, this device can also be used as a de-gasifier. The vacuum reducer allows adjusting the level of vacuum within a minimum value of20% a maximum value of 99.5%.

Technical PDF Data Sheet