DR Vacuum De-Gassing Unit

DR Vacuum De-Gassing Unit

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Degassing Unit

The function of Vacuum Degassing unit is to suck the air bubbles that remain in the synthetic resin or composite material mixes and in silicone or similar compounds during their preparation.

The presence of bubbles, in fact causes a drastic reduction of their technical features and negatively affects their appearance.

DR degassing units comprise of:
- One or two welded sheet steel autoclaves, featuring a perfect vacuum seal, equipped with transparent methacrylate lids that can be manually removed.
- An oil-bath rotating vane pump for high vacuum.
- One or two vacuum switches for a direct reading of the level of vacuum in the autoclave.
- One or two three-way manual valves for vacuum interception.
- A switchgear enclosed in a special protective casing.
- A profiled steel frame for assembling all the components.
Inside the autoclave, the degassing unit can reach a final level of vacuum equal to 99.5 %.

With small modifications and with the aid of insulating or waterproofing resins these degassing unit can be used for vacuum-impregnating windings for electric motors, transformers, electric coils, etc.

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