Electric Coils for solenoid Valves

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Electric coils (refer to valve selection in PDF)

Electric coils are windings of copper wire on nylon coils fully plasticised in synthetic resin which activate the electromagnetic actuators with which the solenoid valves are provided. Crossed by an electric current, these coils generate a magnetic field which activates the mobile core inside the actuators; the mobile core features a built-in or fixed shutter which cause the valve commutation by opening and closing their mouths.

The standard electric coils are fully plasticised with synthetic resin, tight execution, insulation class F (up to 155°C) compliant with VDE standards, with 6.3 mm 3-terminal electrical connections in compliance with EN 175301-803 (ex DIN 43650).
Protection degree: IP 54; IP 65 with connector inserted.

Tolerance permitted on the nominal voltage value: ±10%.
Tolerance permitted on the frequency value: ±5%
Room temperature: from -10 to +45°C
Fluid temperature: from -10 to +95°C
Electric absorption: 8 - 20 V.A. with AC and 6.5 - 18 W with DC.
The electric coils can be rotated 360°

PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: 0007172 0007173 000703N 000704N 000706N 0007256N 0007258N 0007259N