FS Series Water Removal Vacuum Filter

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FS syphon suction filters (for liquid removal)

These filters retain impurities and liquids extracted through vacuum cups or vacuum clamping systems, preventing them from entering into the vacuum pumps.

They are composed of:
- A transparent Plexiglas cylindrical container with an extractable lid to allow inspection and cleaning
- A check valve located on the suction inlet for preventing the air from returning in the filter when the pump is idle
- A stainless steel mesh filtering cartridge with a filtering degree equal to 60 μ, also located on the suction inlet to retain dust and solid impurities
- A two-way manual valve for service vacuum interception.
- A two-way manual valve for restoring the atmospheric pressure inside the filter
- A radial vacuum gauge the direct reading of the level of vacuum
- A magnetic level switch that stops the pump when the suctioned liquid exceeds the safety level
- A rigid pipe connected to the service to convey the air flow and the sucked liquid to the bottom of the container
- A check valve at the bottom of the filter to automatically drain the sucked liquid and impurities every time the atmospheric pressure is restored inside the filter
- A cock applied on the aforementioned check valve for manual liquid drainage
- A sturdy metal bracket for fixing the filter to the wall.

Technical features
Operating pressure: from 0.5 to 1000 absolute mbar
Fluid temperature: from -5 to +50°C
Level of filtration: 60 μ
PDF Product data sheet for product codes: FS5 FS10 FS20 FS25 FS30 FS50