Two bottles of lubricating oil for photographic equipment on a white background. The bottles have red and white labels with the logo of VT OIL, a brand of VUOTOTECNICA. The smaller bottle is white and the larger bottle is blue. The smaller bottle has the product name VT OIL 100 and the larger bottle has the product name VT OIL F1 68

High Grade ISO 100 Mineral Vacuum Pump Oil

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VT OIL is a premium quality lubricating oil for vacuum pumps and photographic equipment. It is specially formulated to provide excellent performance and protection for your vacuum pumps. VT OIL reduces friction, wear, and noise, and prevents corrosion and oxidation. It also extends the service life and efficiency of your vacuum pumps. VT OIL is compatible with most types of vacuum pumps, such as rotary vane, piston, diaphragm, and scroll pumps.


Lubricated vacuum pump accessories and spare parts - DATA SHEET

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