In-Line, Single Stage vacuum generator

In-Line, Single Stage vacuum generator

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In-line single-stage vacuum generator PVP 1

This new range of vacuum generators also makes use of the Venturi principle.

Their distinctive feature compared with traditional vacuum generators are the two air and vacuum supply connections located in-line on the same axis, while the exhaust connection of the sucked and exhaust air is orthogonal to them and is located on the generator circumference.
These vacuum generators are easy to disassemble, thus allowing visibility and access to all the components. The advantages of these generators include reduced overall dimensions, easy maintenance and easy assembly to the vacuum cup supports or to the vacuum cup holders.
As a standard, they are equipped with pressed stainless steel suction filter and a special microfibre silencer, which is wrapped around the exhaust connection, making them particularly silent. They are fully made with anodised aluminium.

PDF Data Sheet for Product code: PVP1