MINI Vacuum Pump Sets - Oil Free Rotary Vane

MINI Vacuum Pump Sets - Oil Free Rotary Vane

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Mini pump sets – General description

Mini pump sets are small independent "Plug and GO" vacuum-producing units with reduced size.

They are composed of:

- A small welded sheet steel tank with perfect vacuum seal.
- A low-flow rate dry or lubricated rotating vane vacuum pump.
- A mini digital vacuum switch for adjusting the maximum level of vacuum.
- A vacuum gauge for reading the level of vacuum.
- Switchgear enclosed in a special casing.
- A manual valve for vacuum interception.
- A cock for condensation drainage.

The level of vacuum, pre-set via the digital vacuum switch is automatically maintained in the tank.

Mini pump sets can also be supplied with single-phase or DC electric motors and they are suited for equipping fixed or mobile working units that require vacuum, such as:

- Trolleys with vacuum cups for fixing and transporting glass and crystals.
- Vacuum clamping systems for ski maintenance, marble processing and for polishing copper, pewter or silver objects.
- Hoists with vacuum cups for lifting television sets and household appliances for glass installation in door and window frames, for laying ceramic tiles, for feeding sheet metal into presses, etc.

PDF Data Sheet: VTS - Oil Free Vacuum Pump Sets with 6 or 10 Ltr Vacuum Tanks