Multi-Stage, Multi-Function Vacuum Generators "MVG" Series

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Multi-stage and multi-function vacuum generators series MVG - General description

These generators are true independent vacuum units that can control an entire vacuum gripping system. Their distinctive features are their compact size and great suction flow rate.

They are composed of a mono-block anodised aluminium structure onto which are assembled:
- A modular and silenced multi-stage vacuum generator.
- A micro solenoid valve for supplying compressed air to the generator.
- A micro solenoid valve for blowing the exhaust compressed air.
- An adjustable flow regulator for dosing the exhaust air.
- A unidirectional check valve, located on the suction inlet, for maintaining the vacuum in case of electricity failure.
- A digital vacuum switch provided with display and commutation LEDs, for managing the compressed air supply and for signalling the safety cycle start-up.
- An anodised aluminium manifold provided with vacuum connections and a built-in filter easy to inspect.

By activating the compressed air power micro solenoid valve, the generator creates vacuum for use. As soon as the pre-set maximum value is reached, the digital vacuum switch acts on the electric coil of the micro solenoid valve and stops the air supply, reactivating it when the vacuum falls below the minimum level.

Besides maintaining the level of vacuum within set safety values (hysteresis), this modulation allows for considerable compressed air savings.

A second signal from the vacuum switch (also adjustable and independent with respect to the first) can be used to start the cycle when the level of vacuum reached is suitable for use. Once the work cycle is completed, the micro solenoid valve that supplies air to the generator is deactivated while, at the same time, the ejection solenoid valve is activated for quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure upon use.

The multi-function MVG vacuum generators can be installed in any position and are suitable for suction gripping systems, handling metal sheets, glass, marble, ceramics, plastic, cardboard, wood, etc. and, in particular, for the industrial robotics sector, where equipment with excellent performance but with limited weight and bulk are increasingly required.

PDF Data Sheet for Products: MVG3 MVG7

PDF Data Sheet for products: MVG10 MVG14

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