Regulators For Rough Vacuum Levels

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The regulators on this page are based on the same operation principle as the ones described in the previous page and have the same function. The only difference is that in these ones the minimum adjustable level of vacuum is close to the atmospheric pressure value. The level of vacuum is adjusted manually by turning the knurled thumb screw clockwise to increase it, and counter clockwise to decrease it.

Technical features
- Operation: membrane-piston regulator
- Adjustable operating pressure: from 980 to 1 mbar abs
- Flow rate: from 20 to 160 m3/h
- Room temperature: from -10 to +80 °C
- Installation position: any

These regulators are used as the previously described ones, but they offer the additional advantage of regulating even levels of vacuum close to the atmospheric pressure.

Note: The vacuum gauges are not integral parts of the regulators and, therefore, must be ordered separately.

 Vacuum Regulator Vacuum Gauge
11 03 50 - [G1/2"] 09 03 10
11 05 50 - [G1"] 09 03 10
11 06 60 - [G1 1/2"] 09 03 10


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