Single Stage Vacuum Generators with ejector 15 02 10 to 15 04 10

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Single-stage vacuum generators with ejector 15 02 10, 15 02 10 LP, 15 02 15 LP & 15 04 10 

This single-stage vacuum generator operation is based on the Venturi principle. When the generator is supplied with compressed air in P, the vacuum will be generated at connection U and the supply air with the suctioned air will be discharged in R.

During the operating cycle, a chamber inside the generator body will be supplied and, when supply stops in P, the compressed air accumulated in it will be discharged through the U connection, quickly the restoring atmospheric pressure of use.

If when using U, for example, it is connected to a vacuum cup, it will disconnect much faster with this ejector system with respect to the previously described vacuum generators. The optimal air supply pressure is normally 6 bar, but for generators with the letters LP in their item, a pressure lower than 4 bar is sufficient to obtain the best performance.

They are fully made with anodised aluminium, with brass or aluminium ejectors, depending on the items.
PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: 150210 150210LP 150215LP

PDF Data Sheet for Product code 15 04 10