Single Stage Vacuum Generators 15 05 08 SX to 15 07 10 SX

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Single-stage vacuum generators 15 05 08 SX, 15 05 10 SX & 15 07 10 SX

The operation of these single-stage vacuum generators is also based on the Venturi principle. It differs from the generators described above for its increased suction flow rate, lower supply air pressure, lower than 4 bar to obtain the best performance, and for the SSX … silencer with high acoustic dampening, installed as standard on the R exhaust connection.

They are also used in the automotive sector to control vacuum cups, for the handling and gripping of only slightly porous objects, sheet, wood panel, marble slab and glass and other similar objects.

They are fully made with anodised aluminium.
PDF Data Sheet for Product code: 150508SX 150510SX

PDF Data Sheet for Products Code 15 07 10 SX