Vacuum Tubing and Vacuum Hose

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(High Quality) Compressed air and vacuum flexible hoses

TPL flexible hoses are made with Polyamide 11 of vegetal derivation and are suited for compressed air and vacuum for internal diameters up to 9 mm, as well as for compressed air only.

They feature a good flexibility and lightness, a very low water absorption and excellent mechanical performance. They also feature an excellent resistance to low and high temperatures, chemical agents, pneumatic pressure and ageing.

Our TPR flexible hoses have been specially designed for vacuum and are composed of a single piece with plastic insulation and self-extinguishing materials, including the hose reinforcement core. Their excellent flexibility ensures minimal bending radius and are very light in relation to their great resistance to crushing.

Their smooth inside allows reducing harmful load losses to the minimum. The excellent functionality of these flexible hoses is associated with a high resistance to abrasion, to weather agents and most chemical products. TPL flexible hose connection is ensured by the previously described fittings.

PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: TPL2 TPL4 TPL6 TPL8 TPL9 TPL12 TPL16 TPL18 TPR3/8 TPR1/2 TPR3/4 TPR1 TPR11/4 TPR11/2 TPR2