PS Low Pressure Pneumatic Blower Pump - PS40, PS70 & PS100

PS Low Pressure Pneumatic Blower Pump - PS40, PS70 & PS100

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A newly designed range of ejectors has allowed creating this range of pneumatic blowing pumps featuring an excellent ratio between the amount of consumed air and generated air, as well as the ability to adjust the pressure and flow rate according to the supply air pressure.

These pumps are powered with compressed air with a pressure ranging from 1 to 6 bar and have a blowing flow rate between 18 and 425 m3/h, measured at a normal atmospheric pressure of 1013 mbar.

When designing these pumps, our attention was focused on noise. In fact, they are perfectly soundproofed and there are no moving parts subject to wear and vibrations. All this results in an extremely silent operation.

Moreover, as they are based on the Venturi principle, they do not develop heat.
They are equipped as standard with a filter/pressure reducer unit for the supply air and a filter with microporous cartridge located on the air inlet connection which can keep the finest dust and impurities.

The excellent filtration of the compressed air supply and intake air allows the intake of air free from oil, water condensates or impurities from between the sheets of paper to be separated in the working environment, with no pollution.

The use of light alloys for making these pumps has allowed a considerable reduction of their weight thus allowing them to be directly installed onto the machine.

Thanks to their static operating principle, maintenance is reduced to only a simple regular cleaning of the filters.

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