Single Stage Vacuum Generator PVP" M Series

Single Stage Vacuum Generator PVP" M Series

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Single-stage vacuum generator PVP 2 M, PVP 2 MM1, PVP 2 MM2 and PVP 2 MM3

The vacuum generators on this page are based on the same Venturi principle of those previously described and provide the same technical performance.

They however differ in their structure.
The vacuum connection U is in fact threaded to allow for assembly of a vacuum cup with male or female support while, on the same axis but on the opposite side, a hole with metric threading allows for the generator to be installed directly on the machine or on the cup holders equipped with springing.

They are fully made with anodised aluminium, with brass ejectors. Equipped with a vacuum cup, these are they are truly self-contained gripping units. They are suited for vacuum cup operated loaders or handlers, for gripping sheet steel, glass slabs, plastic panels and other similar products.

Upon request, they can be supplied with a high sound suppression silencer installed on the R exhaust connection.

PDF Data Sheets for Product codes: PVP2M PVP2M PVP2MM1 PVP2MM2 PVP2MM3

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