Single Stage Vacuum Venturi PVP7-PVP18

Single Stage Vacuum Venturi PVP7-PVP18

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Single-stage vacuum generators PVP 7 SX / SXLP, PVP 14 SX / SXLP and PVP 18 SX / SXLP

Vacuum generators PVP ... SX/SXLP, operate making use of the previously described Venturi principle.

A special new generation silencer installed on them makes them very silent and, thanks to its shape, prevents them from becoming clogged, also allowing the suction of saturated fluids of water condensates or oils, mixed with fine or impalpable powders.

They are supplied as standard with a vacuum gauge for reading the level of vacuum. An additional connection on the body of the generator allows the installation of a vacuum switch for signalling the level of vacuum, or of a pneumatic solenoid valve for a quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure of use.

They are fully made with anodised aluminium, with stainless steel ejectors and screws.
These vacuum generators can be used for connecting one or more vacuum cups or equipment with flow rate requirements within the shown values and can operate in particularly dusty or damp environments. Available with suction rates between 8.3 and 18 m3/h and supply pressure 4-6 bar, for items SX and 1-3 bar for items SXLP.

PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: PVP7SX PVP14SX PVP18SX PVP7SXLP PVP14SXLP PVP18SXLP

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