DVL Venturi Pump Priming System

DVL Venturi Pump Priming System

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Liquid-sucking pump sets

These pump sets are for sucking liquids (Priming Pump Set) and collect them inside their tanks. The maximum level difference that can be exceeded is approximately 9 metres.

They are composed of:

- A welded sheet steel large-capacity tank- A compressed air-fed multi-stage vacuum generator
- A digital vacuum switch for adjusting the level of vacuum within which to operate
- A vacuum gauge for a direct reading of the level of vacuum in the tank
- A liquid level visible warning light
- Two magnetic switches for minimum and maximum liquid level
- One three-way vacuum solenoid valve for resetting the atmospheric pressure in the tank, with consequent automatic discharge of the accumulated liquid
- Two vacuum reducers for level of vacuum adjustment at the application
- Three manual valves for vacuum interception
- A switchgear enclosed in a special protective casing for manual or automatic operation selection Liquid-sucking pump sets are normally used for extracting the water contained in washing machine and dishwasher filters that cannot be automatically drained after their commissioning.

They are also recommended for transferring dense liquids and creamy or muddy substances.

Available in other versions upon request.
Product codes: DVL150 DVL300 DVL500 DVL1000

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