"M" Series Multi-Stage Vacuum Generators

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Multi-stage vacuum generators series M

These new design vacuum generators feature multiple state of the art ejectors assembled onto small modules. One of their distinctive features is their great suction flow rate compared to their reduced size.

With a compressed air supply of 4 - 5 bar, they can produce a maximum vacuum equal to 85% and a suction flow rate of 3.6 - 18 m3/h, according to the number of modules.
The silencer is built-in.

They are fully made with slightly anodised alloys and can be installed in any position. The multi-stage vacuum generators in this range are suited for interconnecting vacuum cup gripping systems and, in particular, in the industrial robotics sector, which requires equipment with excellent working performance, but with weight and size reduced to the minimum.

PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: M3 M7

PDF Data Sheet for Product codes: M10 M14 M18

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